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For Stall Inquiries.

Should you wish to be a Stall holder, Pat will need to know what type of products you will be selling so as to assign your Stall next to someone not selling the same types of items.
Eg: Not have a Coin Dealer next to another Coin Dealer.

Trestle Tables are available to Hire at $20.00 each for the Weekend and are available in 6 or 8 Foot lengths. (1.83 Mt - 2.44 Mt)
If required, Pat will need to know how many are required of each size.

We will need your Name, Postal Address and Phone number/s.
A Mobile number is recommended so we can Message you when required.
Posted Letters to new Stall holders include Docket, Site Map, Info Letter and Flyers.

For Flyer Recipients

If you would like Flyers sent to you Annually, we will need your Name and Postal Address.
If requesting by email, please include a contact Phone number for callback confirmation.
Should you require more Flyers than what will fit in a Standard Business size Envelope, don't hesitate to let us know. Quantity sent in a standard Envelope are 26 x A6, 2 x A5 and 2 x A4. Each Year some contacts are selected at random to receive 2 free Passes with Flyers.
Flyers are usually Posted out in May-June or after as requested each Year.
Early Print Flyers are also available from The Control Centre at the Antique Fair each Year.
We reserve the right to limit the number of letters sent out.


Phone Pat: 0354 734373 A/H

Phone Ross: 0354 725033 ~ Mob 0402 62 63 62

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Postal Address:

Fryerstown Hall
Vic 3451