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Welcome to the official Website of the Fryerstown Antique Fair.

Last updated, 6/7/2018

Important Notice...43rd Antique Fair Cancelled

As of 21/8/2017
Sadly, it's the end of an era after 42 Years

Due to lack of support from Council and Emergency Services

and possible Public Liability Insurance implications

it has been voted on to cancel the Antique Fair.


Sadly the founder of the Antique Fair, Patricia Cubeta has Passed away at the age of 90.


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A web search may show incorrectly that the Fryerstown Antique Fair will be held in Bendigo over the Australia Day Weekend.
This would be shown on the "10 Times" website that is based in India and they will not remove the content.


Of all the Antique Fairs held across Australia, there is one which is an absolute 'must' for Dealers, Stallholders, Collectors and Browsers alike and that's the Fryerstown Antique Fair. Held over Three Days on a Weekend close to the Australia Day Holiday each Year,
this coming Year (2018) is the 43rd Consecutive Year, indicating it’s popularity and enduring quality!. Starting in 1975 to raise Funds to save the Historic Hall, it's popularity has increased every year since. All proceeds go towards the Hall's Maintenance, upkeep, Fair running costs and a variety of other community groups also benefit from the Fair.
Stall holders travel quite some distance to attend with a quite few from South Australia, New South Wales and even as far as Queensland.
The Village of Fryerstown with a Population of around 200 greet up to 6,000 Visitors depending on Weather and Dates of operation.

Getting There

Fryerstown is located about 12 KM South East of Castlemaine in central Victoria.
Driving distances:-


There is ample free Parking on Land located on the West end of Camp Street.
When approaching the Hall, Turn West into Camp St and go up over the Rise,
During Peak periods a Parking Attendant will direct you to a suitable Parking spot.
There is no Parking permitted on the East side of Castlemaine Street.
in case of any type of Emergency, Vehicles need to be able to get through in both directions. Please obey the "NO PARKING" Signs.

Stall Site Availability

Should you wish to be a Stall holder, first names on the List are first to be contacted when Sites become available.
Leading up to the 2017 Fair, quite a few Stall Sites became available due to last minute withdrawals.
Indoor Stall Sites rarely become available however as there is a long waiting list in these areas.
The majority of outdoor Stall Sites have a Frontage or Width of 14 Feet (4.26 Mt) with a Depth ranging from 8 to 50 Feet. (2.4 to 15 Mt). Where Sites don't have much Depth the Frontage is longer.
At this stage we do not have any openings for Coffee or Food Stalls.
For information on expressing interest in a Stall visit the Contact Page. The best way to obtain a Stall in 2018 is to leave your Name and Number via email or Text.
With this method there is an Electronic Record and Date.

Fire Danger

Please be aware that the Fryerstown region is rated as a high Fire risk area.
Should a CODE RED or EXTREME Fire danger day be declared on one or more of the Fair Dates, the Fair will be suspended over that period.


Kangaroos are frequently crossing both Chewton and Campbells Creek Roads. Please take it easy on these Roads especially at Dawn, Dusk and Night.


As Fryerstown has no Financial Institutions there are no nearby or onsite ATM's.
The nearest Cash out facility is located at the Chewton Service Station, between Chewton and Castlemaine.
ATM"s are located in Castlemaine for ANZ, Bank Australia, Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth Bank and NAB Customers.

Only a limited number of Stall holders have Eftpos facilities.

Social Media

There are no Social Media Pages posted on or edited by anyone associated with the Antique Fair. This is due to abuse from individuals or groups with a vendetta against the Fair or Members of the Trust. Any Social Media Pages that you may encounter, If derogatory towards the Antique Fair will most likely be fake and we recommend you ignore, Thumbs down or dislike such Pages.